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    Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.


    I’ve been working with Django for 2 months now.We’ve spent some nice mornings and evenings together. Solving some issues, and creating ones.

    As a Python developer I was so excited about learning how to use Django. Seemed to be an easy and clean solution for some programming issues. Making web development easier. I have bought an online course and started my learning process (as well as creating my main project that I was supposed to do). At the same time – learning and using the brand new technology. Seems crazy? Isn’t it?

    But Django is not that complicated. As all the technologies out there – it has its ups and downs…. We’ve spent some evenings (even nights!) trying to solve some problems. And at the end it turned out that I had to know html to proceed with my work and the main feature of my project – because it was an easier solution. Part of a developer work is to find the best solutions for issues that occurred during the creation process.


    • Django is an easy and clean way to create websites/blogs and all the things connected with it. Taking away some hassle.
    • When well-known: saves lots of time on writing tons of code lines.
    • Has some nice features.
    • The forms!

    Cons (sorry, we have to cover those too)

    • It’s limited
    • When just-learned: may be hard to get all the pieces together and get lost
    • Which will take us some time to solve the issues
    • At the end you will have to use html anyway to cover some stuff


    We have to learn something new every single day. This is what keeps us going

    When it goes to features: I am in total love with the forms!
    They are the easiest ones I have been working with until this day. But I’ve also spent couple of hours (ok. Let’s be honest – it took me ages) to get to the point where I learnt how to add questions to the form boxes where answers should be putted at. And yes, here comes the html. It’s also easy to save and work with them. So creating an answer sheet seems to be an easy task here. Without tons of code lines.

    Another nice feature is actually how everything works. It is all logical. Looks neat and makes out code a little less messy. The models that are already in Django make our lives slightly easier. (and sometimes harder if you don’t know how to use them).

    Although I love the simplicity of Python’s and Django’s syntax the ability to create a tactile experience that can easily get on everyone’s most used device is extremely appealing. I hope to learn even more about Django and I will finally be able to do my work quicker than I used to.

    Also I am really happy to learn something new and I will continue to do so.