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  • Programmer’s life from newbie’s eyes – 3 months later

    Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do


    First steps seem to be the hardest, but once you make them – everything gets better. It’s only the matter of will.

    I’ve spent those 3 months on hard work, learning, studying and going through various issues. (Let’s be honest: With better and worse results.). Books lay all over the desk. Two laptops are running. Coffee and tea come and go in hectolitres.
    But for being honest – I love what I learn. And what’s more – I am amazed by amount of things I learned throughout those 3 months.

    First steps

    That was the hardest week. Trying to get used to such working process. Sometimes I am learning something – and at the same time I use it in my current task. It’s hard to force yourself to learn that much (especially when you thought you are done with learning for some time). The amount of books scared me. And I have to admit – I wasn’t sure if I can make it. But the week passed, and I was happy again – doing what I love, and feeling of growing inside. Every week starts with task to complete – and learning a lot. And every week finishes with new knowledge and energy that comes out of solving the problems (which makes me proud of myself)

    Weekly tasks

    That may seem odd, but I have lots of notes on my calendar. I am giving myself some weekly tasks, that I am trying to  complete. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes worse. But it’s all the part of learning process. Also, when it’s Friday and I am done with all the tasks – I feel like I’ve done some good job.

    If not – it’s ok too. I am just starting and I still have no idea if the tasks I am about to complete are enough (or too much).

    Hey! It’s already 3 months?

    Oh time flies by!

    I’ve been doing this for 3 months already and when I look at my past – how many books have I read? How many websites I got through? Doesn’t matter. I am growing.

    Job gets done quicker and quicker. I am happy.

    What more can I ask for?

    Oh one extra thing… I am just writing this from a place 2000km away from my house.

    Internet is all I need to work.