One of our core consultancy services is systems automation.

If there is something constant in IT, that is change. Change happens. Designing a system that will remain static through time is something that in practice never occurs. OS updates, hot-fixes and other external factors introduce change even if your project did not intended it.

We offer consultancy service to help you discover, classify and manage changes comprehensively, so your IT infrastructure is deployed, maintained and operated in a consistent way. We can help to minimize build time while increasing its quality, design a configuration management strategy that works for your organist and align it to your operations.

By automating your OS deployment and management, risks are reduced, single points of failure are more easily spotted and productivity of the infrastructure is overall improved.

OS Build and Life-Cycle Automation

At Netdevops we use a series of different ways to bring a consistent Linux OS build to your infrastructure. A clean, secure, well designed build is the canvas where all your services will be hosted. By starting with a minimalist build, not only we reduce complexity in an early stage, we also optimist resources, and reduce the possibility of leaving insecure elements on. We never deploy default vanilla builds, we deploy what is right for your organization.

Another interesting aspect is to keep the OS build life-cycle in line with the rest of the technology stack. Applications often depend on certain libraries or other components that need to be present in the system, at certain version level. Life-Cycle management processes make sure, among other things,  that the whole stack moves together. To do so, we ensure that all requirements are properly gathered and described, so nothing gets missed when change happens at another layer.

We can deploy and manage the following build, deployment and life cycle solutions:

  • RH Satellite
  • Katello-Foreman
  • Cobbler

We can also offer and manage customer kick-start systems for Linux. Our strength is around Red Hat Enterprise Linux and derivatives, but we also work with Debian based  Linux systems and UNIX.

Configuration Management

One of the main pillars of DevOps is Configuration Management, probably one of the most important and at the same time underrated elements of IT service management.

In our practice, configuration management starts by defining the environment, in the architectural views, and can be expressed in the form of a document or in diagrams. But most crucially, configuration management should result in a natural, commons sense approach.

At Netdevops, we pride ourselves of designing and delivering configuration management solutions that get as complex as your business needs, and turning operations as simple as your business demands.

Our strategy consists in very clear definitions, separation of configuration policies and data, and use of hierarchies in order to let system owners to manage their environments with a minimal amount of input.

Our specialties lay with the following tools:

  • Puppet
  • CFEngine
  • Ansible

Infrastructure and Network Management

From optimizing an existing data-center and perform a capacity planning, keep track of your assets, maximizing the system up-time, consolidate and refresh systems and help you to go for a greener IT. Netdevops’ work is never over.

We offer expertise in the following tools:

  • RH Satellite
  • Foreman
  • MCollective
  • IPA

We can also design custom tools for organization that require require it.

Scripting Languages

Aside from using Python to create web applications, we also use it for system administration and process automation. We also use Ruby for system administrative tasks and as a glue language. When appropriate, we use Bash and other shell scripting. Our scripts follow a template and all follow a structure and are self documented.

Your can count on us to provide you automatism based on:

  • Bash, Korn
  • Python
  • Ruby

We can incorporate other languages and shells on demand.

Software Packaging

Our software is distributed using OS native packages and standard repositories. This makes software roll outs, system upgrades and general maintenance much easier, and standardizes all procedures in line with the overall software management in the organization.

We can package your applications in these formats:

  • RPM
  • DEB

We can also work with other formats on demand, such Docker images.