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Why is WordPress ignoring my CSS?

Posted 6 years ago

Some time ago we were working on a really cool project. Seemed easygoing and pleasent. Until things got complicated and we discovered a really troublesome issue of ours.Seemed like WordPress can’t see our awesome CSS code that was supposed to make our project look great! At first we went through all the stages of denial. […]

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Improve the security of your WordPress site

Posted 7 years ago

Nowadays, WordPress represents 28% of the Internet. This popularity has many good points like having a huge community of developers and designers to turn to if you need help. On the other hand, it makes it very tempting for malicious users to create tools (robots) that search the Internet looking for vulnerable WordPress. Security in […]

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WordCamp Seville 2016 sponsorship

Posted 8 years ago

WordCamps are conferences and workshops locally  organized by the WordPress community around the world and focused on everything related to WordPress. Everyone, from casual users to WordPress core developers, participate in this event, share ideas and meet each other. At Netdevops we decided to attend and collaborate as sponsors of the WordCamp Seville 2016 which […]

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